Mixmag Pauses Print Magazines Until Next Year

Mixmag is pausing its beloved print magazines until further notice.
Just as the music industry has taken a major hit during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, music publications have, too. Thankfully, Mixmag’s online content will continue, business as usual.
Resident Advisor reached out to Nick Stevenson, managing director of Mixmag parent company Wasted Talent, for comment: “Due to the global pandemic, Mixmag’s print magazine was paused in April and will remain paused until we bring it back next year.”
“Although the print magazine makes up just a small part of our revenues we are all immensely proud of it and we look forward to its return. Until then, Mixmag continues to reach over 100 million dance music fans every month through daily digital, social and video content from our 16 international Mixmag offices.”
Mixmag is a publication we’ve always looked to for music and information with utmost respect. We wish the best for everyone affected by these sudden and difficult changes.
Read some of the reacts below (and more here).

Sad to announce that after nine years, I’m no longer part of the team at @Mixmag. Due to the difficulties of operating during the Covid-crisis, the print edition is on an indefinite hiatus with myself, along with the rest of the magazine team, no longer at the company…
— Sean Griffiths (@SeanKGriffiths) June 29, 2020

I’m going to spend a bit of my time working out my next move but in the meantime, will be looking for freelance writing work, so you all know where I am if you need anything!
— Sean Griffiths (@SeanKGriffiths) June 29, 2020

I’d like to thank everyone who played their part in the print magazine over the past decade plus: especially @SeanKGriffiths and @DuncanMixmag as well as all the freelancers and photographers who were crucial to its creation. Shouts to @jasmine_ks, @joemuggs and @Stephen_Worthy.
— Ralph Moore (@RalphusMoorus) June 30, 2020

But the most important message is this: the @Mixmag print magazine is on pause because of COVID: we’ll be back! pic.twitter.com/iuQJYCI9PT
— Ralph Moore (@RalphusMoorus) June 30, 2020

I’m so, so sad not to be working with many wonderful, talented people on the print ed of Mixmag
It’s gone from strength to strength over the last decade + it’s devastating to pause it because of covid19
We’ll continue the legacy online + work to bring the mag back in 2021 ❤️
— Seb (@seb_wheeler_) June 30, 2020

Been 3 months since I lost my job and while it’s been really sad and difficult, now some time has passed I have nothing but pure pride for what we all did. The Mixmag squad isn’t a team, it’s a family of mates who fucking love dance music and loved sharing it with the world
— Jeremy Abbott (@Funster_) June 29, 2020

So @mixmag’s print edition is on an indefinite pause, which means all the magazine’s staff are now out of a job.
Please, please make sure you give them as much support as you can. Over the last couple of years Mixmag has really come into its own, editorially and aesthetically.
— Marcus Barnes (@mgoldenbarnes) June 29, 2020

Mixmag’s print mag is simply on PAUSE during the pandemic (like a lot of mags). It will return. Until then our daily web, socials and video content continue to reach 100m+ dance fans a month from our 16 global offices! pic.twitter.com/dKTqy8yCKj
— Nick Stevenson (@NickMixmag) June 30, 2020

Mad love to all at Mixmag who are out of jobs. An institution, and sadly unlikely to be the last print magazine we see come to an end post-covid.
Wish you all the best of luck @mixmag and hope you continue to cope online ❤️
— Plastician (@Plastician) June 29, 2020

So sad to hear about the print edition of @Mixmag – I bought it often and I am so grateful for its support for my music too. Just thank you, Mixmag and all journalists and staff. I don’t know if you’ll be back together but I hope so.
— Austin Ato (@austinatomusic) June 29, 2020

So sad to hear about the discontinuation of @Mixmag print adddition. End of an era ! Good luck to all those who lost their job and good luck to mixmag going fwd !
— hux (@Huxley_Music) June 29, 2020

Sad news that Mixmag (in print) will be no more. This was my NME or Melody Maker in the ’90s. These covers are iconic for me. Filled with incredible writing and charting the social and cultural background to the dance/club scene as well as incredible, era-defining music. https://t.co/Q0isuG4ayc
— Mike Carhart-Harris (@mcarhartharris) June 30, 2020

Source: Resident Advisor | Photo via Mixmag

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